CENS custom shooting hearing protection

A range of hearing protection specifically designed for shooters. If it's clay pigeon, target, hunting or any other kind of shooting it is vital you protect your ears from potentially damaging levels of noise and the CE marked CENS range offer guaranteed protection. Available in a range of types and colour combinations. You can also personalise your product.

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PELTOR over-ear shooting hearing protection

A range of non-custom hearing protection from the highest quality and best known brand around. Check out the range on our store!

Custom earphone covers

Our custom earphone covers allow you to comfortably and safely use most hard shell earphones with out the discomfort and sometimes pain of the 'one size fits all' model that most earphones come with. An added benefit is that our custom covers also mean your earphones are much less likely to fallout even when your are moving a lot i.e. in the gym. Available in a range of colours and personalisable.

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Sleepzz custom sleeping plugs

If you have trouble sleeping because of noise or want to reduce ambient noise levels with a product that is comfortable to wear throughout the day or night our Sleepzz plugs are ideal, made from ultra soft silicone and custom made they fit perfectly without causing discomfort even over prolonged use. Available in a range of colours.

Custom Monitors

We offer a wide range of custom fitting monitors for musicians and anyone else where communication in a noisy environment is key. Contact us for more information on the types, styles and colour combinations we can offer.

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Protecthear custom noise protection

PROTECThear custom hearing protection is ideal for anyone thathas a hobby or a job that involves being in a noisy environment for prolonged periods. Noise can cause significant damage to your hearing which can have a big impact on your day to day life so it is vital you protect your ears and CE marked PROTECThear noise protection can do exactly that. Available in a range of colours.

I-Monitor Pro Earphones

Custom fitted earphones that fit precisely and comfortably with high sound quality, I-Monitor pro are ideal for anyone that usually uses standard earphones or anyone that is put off by the uncomfortable feeling of standard earphones. I-Monitor pro also have reduced theft risk due to the fact they will only fit your ear. Available in a range of colours.



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