Who needs hearing protection?

Noisy work environment - If you work in an environment that exceeds 85dB in noise then you are at risk of hearing loss if you don't have protection. As an employer if you have employees that work in an environment that exceeds this level then you are legally required to provide hearing protection for those employees, Innolife Audio Solutions can provide cost effective and environmentally friendly hearing protection that is comfortable and meets current regulation in regards to this, please contact us for more information. We can also provide the same hearing protection to those people who are self employed or sub contracted and are regularly exposed to noise above 85dB.

Motorcyclists - If you regularly ride a motorcycle you are likely exposed to noise that considerably exceeds the 85dB limit for hearing loss. We highly recommend that anyone who rides a motorbike on a regular basis wears hearing protection in order to avoid any hearing damage. Talk to us today and we can guide you through the choices and find the solution that suits you best.

Shooters - A shot from a shotgun can reach noise levels in excess of 140dB which is loud enough to do permanent damage instantly. Anyone who shoots should be wearing hearing protection and most shooting grounds insist that anyone shooting there wears hearing protection. Don't risk losing a vital sense talk to us today!